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Writing Projects

I have a varied portfolio of supports for young children and their educators. 



Released in October of 2022 from Free Spirit Publishing; Create an Emotion-Rich Classroom is now available for order! 


Barnes and Noble

Free Spirit

This book introduces educators to two frameworks to intentionally embed social-emotional learning into the fabric of the early childhood classroom. With reflection prompts, activity ideas, and family engagement suggestions, this book encourages educators to thoughtfully choose how to meet the needs of their class members and their families.

Rochelle Lentini, Lindsay N. Giroux, Mary Louise Hemmeter


Tucker Turtle teaches young kids to "stop, tuck, and think" (aka the "Turtle Technique") as a tool to regulate their emotions. Developed by Rochelle Lentini in 2005, Tucker Turtle was revisited and revamped in 2015.


Contributing Author

As part of the Connect4Learning development team, I wrote more than 100 lessons to encourage preschoolers' social-emotional growth including read alouds, small group explorations, songs, and games. 

Children in Library

Lead Writer

Developed specifically for pre-kindergarteners, I authored a financial literacy curriculum that encourages social-emotional learning and play while supporting age-appropriate financial literacy concepts. Topics include an introduction to risk management, buying, borrowing, and bartering, and saving.

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